Calendrome Productions sets out to produce exceptional works in film and onstage that not only reflect the nature of the human condition in a uniquely beautiful and profound way but to do so with playful intensity. With loving, compassionate, passionate mystical genre-shucking madness, we strive, on stage or set or street or roof, to wriggle and blend to produce works that heal and entertain with a jazzy groove. We wish to provide you with an experience, full contact sensual events that stoke the senses through language, set, physicality and the harmonic resonance that can only come from the mutual deep, energetic communal listening between and among our beautiful and talented artists and the beloved audience.

About The Name

The name Calendrome was chosen to reflect the path of human history: a palindrome, read the same backwards and forwards so that we end where we began, like the fool of the tarot deck that both is the beginning and the end card of the journey, the same yet imbued with the experience of a fully developed spirit through the human experience.